Introducing Power Plate – The Best-Kept Secret in Total Body Health

Discussion with Tony Swain

Tony Swain discusses the mechanics behind Acceleration training and how the Power Plate serves as the ideal rehabilitation and workout tool to build strength, and boost flexibility and balance. Explore how to use the Power Plate every day for warm up, stretching, and massage to sleep better, move better, feel better, and enjoy better circulation.

Interview with Mark de Gorter

Discover the best-kept secret in fitness training and health as Mark de Gorter and Dr. Mercola discuss how the Power Plate works and its many benefits for individuals of all ages. Find out why Power Plate represents a breakthrough opportunity for the 85 percent of the population who struggle with exercise yet seek a simple and effective solution for total body wellness, weight loss, and fitness.

Stretching Demo

How to use the Power Plate to turn your body on – turn on your nervous system, get your blood flowing and warm up connective tissue. In just 30 seconds, you can activate four separate muscle groups, including hard-to-reach back and stubborn hip muscles.

Balance Demo

Re-train motor patterns and re-establish communication within your body as the Power Plate balances muscle groups, resulting in profound improvements in your overall balance. Learn how to use upper and lower body stability exercises to prepare your muscle groups for strength training.

Strength Demo

Step up your workout on the Power Plate with this strength-training demo, showing you how to enjoy maximum benefits in short 30-second bursts. Discover how using straps, exercise balls and step platforms can add a boost to your strength-training and rehab workout.

Massage Demo

Not just for workouts, the Power Plate delivers a relaxing massage for soothing tired muscles and calming your body. Discover five different massages positions that bring effortless, rejuvenating relaxation, including a soothing one-minute lower back massage.


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